Online Sales related questions

  • Why my username or email address and password is not being accepted?
Make sure that the email address you're using is the one attached to your account. If you've changed your email address or your name is different from your username,be sure you're signing in with your username.
  • What is the duration of not accessing the account?
No Answer
  • What are the payment methods?
you can pay for your purchase from www.fakihcollections.com with PAYPAL.
  • How do I contact the seller about an item?
Fakih Collections is a marketplace for handmade goods, antique items, gifts & souvenirs. As a marketplace, we provide our valuable customers with a platform of easiness to reach us without any delay.
We encourage you to communicate with us directly by filling on the enquiry form or by email.
You can also reach us on +971 4 347 9935, this will help to provide you more information about your order, such as processing and shipping time.

Logistics services related Questions & Answers

  • Do you provide local delivery facility within UAE?

Yes, within UAE we can deliver the products. Charges are applicable and vary according to the different location within UAE.

  • How about delivery facility within GCC?

Within GCC by road we can deliver the products

  • Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we have ties-up with International cargo shipping company. Through an international standard we are able to ship to the destination with high professional service.

  • Can I get free door to door delivery if I am staying in Dubai?

Yes, we are offering free door to door delivery facility within Dubai if the purchase amount exceeds AED 5000 & for Abu Dhabi AED 7000 (free door to door delivery is not applicable for any other locations).

  • I need the products very urgently is it possible get through air cargo?

Yes, we have tie up with International Logistics & cargo facility providers. Minimum weight for sending air cargo is 45 kilograms.

  • If I availed air cargo how long it will take?

Through air cargo we can deliver the products within 7 working days. Days will be varying according to the different nation and their political stability.

  • How the shipping charges are calculated? Are they extra?

Shipping charges are calculated as per the size of packing box.

If it is a volumetric weight is obtained as per the following:

L (m) x W (m) x H (m) x VCF (Volumetric Conversion Factor)

* Approximate cost for 1 CBM carton with Bubble Packing is AED 260.00
* Making wooden box for "Fragile items" is 1 m x 1m x 1m with plywood cost is 460.00

  • How soon can I expect delivery, if I place my order today?

You can expect delivery according to your destination place and your preferred type cargo facility. Please find the details below for your kind reference:

By Road Within one day we can deliver the products if your delivery point is within UAE. Within 3 to 7 days we can deliver the products if your destination is outside UAE and within GCC.
By Air If your destination is outside GCC we are able to send through air cargo. Minimum 3 days to 7 days according to the different destination places.  
By Ship We have facility to ship our products internationally based on your request. Minimum 25 days to maximum 35 days required to reach the products.  

  • Are the shipments insured?

Shipment insurance subject to the service provider. Irrespective of amount we couldn't bear the insurance cost.

  • What kind of packing materials will u use to protect my purchased product?

We are using high standard plywood for making box and bubble wraps to prevent our products in any transit damages.

  • Is there any exchange policy?

Yes, we have exchange policy. Please go through our exchange policy in (LINK)

  • How do I add or change my shipping address?

Sign in to your account and go to the status of your order, if the status is still processing then go to your profile and add or change your address. But if the status of your order is already dispatch then you are not allowed to change your address.

  • I am interested in a few of your sold items. How can I order them?

You can order the sold items through our enquiry form from contact us byspecifying the selected product description and quantity details. Minimum 30 days required to send your new ordered item.

  • I want to order selected product bulk quantity, is it possible?

Yes, you can order bulk quantity from any of our products. According to your requirement we will communicate to your email Id regarding the days we require to deliver your destination.

  • Is it possible to know about more varieties of different gifts & Souvenirs?

Yes, it is possible, by filling the enquiry form from contact us we can provide more details regarding different varieties of gifts & Souvenirs and other our rare collections.

  • If I ordered bulk quantity, can get any special discount?

Yes, we can offer special discount if you have bulk order.